Enrichment Programs

An integral part of our service is to ensure children are actively engaged in the community and feel a sense of belonging. We offer elective swimming lessons, bush kinder programs, local library visits and nursing home visits as part of our Morayfield centre.


Our centre provides swimming lessons with qualified teachers. Swimming lessons are an essential part of early education and water safety is key for children who reside in Australia. Structured swim classes can help children become familiar with and confident around water and can build their gross motor skills. As children revel in their swimming progress and success, they gain confidence within themselves.

Bush Kindy

Our bush kinder program gives children an opportunity to engage in a rich natural environment and encourages exploration, cooperative play, physical development and offers a safe avenue to engage in risky play. Children who engage in the natural world are often happier, healthier and have a greater appreciation for the world around them.

Community Engagement

Community excursions form a vital part of a child’s early education. These excursions enable them to gain a sense of the wider world they are in and encourage children to embrace the diversity of people and places.

Our service offers excursions to the local library and nursing home. Engaging with the older generation and others in the community enables children to learn and develop and be an active member of the Morayfield community.

Music lessons

Our regular music lessons provide children with the opportunity to engage in all musical aspects including instruments, singing and dance. This wonderful program supports children’s creativity and offers the opportunity for children to freely express themselves and dive into learning hands on.


Our online learning portal OWNA provides educators and families to stay connected and offers opportunities for families to see children’s learning in real time, converse with educators, share moments and stay updated with all events happening at the service.